Which is your fave song on 'The Dream Walker'

Teenagers & Rituals
Total votes: 10 (27%)
Paralysed (No votes)
The Wolfpack (No votes)
Tunnels (No votes)
Kiss With A Spell
Total votes: 3 (8%)
Total votes: 5 (14%)
Bullets In The Wind
Total votes: 1 (3%)
The Disease
Total votes: 2 (5%)
Total votes: 5 (14%)
Total votes: 11 (30%)
Total votes: 37

Re: AVA - The Dream Walker Fave Song Poll

brendan wrote:Teenagers and Rituals is my favorite and I was not expecting it all from reviews, everything about it is so perfect. It's the catchiest thing in a long time from them and it's unique. The ohs in the bridge are unique and awesome and I actually like the ba da das. It reminds me of how I met your mother.

Essentially this.

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