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Re: blink Puns and Other Lame Jokes (The Game)

touchdown boy wrote:maybe ill impress her with my dick in my hand
maybe if i brush my teeth my breath wouldnt smell like trash cans
maybe ill win her heart by texting her 24/7 and following her home from the gym at night and staring at her through her window until she falls asleep

romeo & rebecca

To be fair, the fact that it didnt fit made it funnier for me :lol: :lol: :lol:
But yeh...Romeo and Rebecca

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Re: blink Puns and Other Lame Jokes (The Game)

KayTheMagnificent wrote:Just shut the fuck up, Matt said
he's going fucking deaf
he's really too old
25's too old...

- Natives

I liked that!

I wish you'd go, go
I wish you'd go, go
Just will you go, go
Get the fuck off my lawn![/quote]

Better Days (this one is for the true blink fans)

Thank You Kay, You Sexy and Magnificent British Sex Beast!

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