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blink Puns and Other Lame Jokes (The Game)

The clever lyrical puns which Yodda and others have been coming up with lately has given me an idea for a game. Pretty simple. Each person will post a blink song and the person below them will have to come up with some sort of joke or pun pertaining to that song. Once you've posted something clever, you will then suggest the next song.

So, for example, if the person above me posted lame pun could be "this topic gets me so down." Then, I'd suggest a new song.

As long as the joke/pun pertains in some way to the song, you are free to make fun of Mark, Tom, or Travis, your fellow forum members (don't go overboard), or anything else you want to joke about.

Anyways, I will start the topic off by suggesting the song: Feeling This.

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