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Re: Heart's All Gone music video (discussion)

Fentoozler wrote:
Matt Melanoma wrote:I don't understand what there is to discuss... I mean, after we get the video sure... but right now... there isn't really anything to talk about with this video.

B-but... there is! Imagining what's it gonna be like and that shit... it's easy if you try...

Should I comment, should I comment, should I?
I feel like speculating!

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Re: Heart's All Gone music video (discussion)

#20 ... sic-video/

"At the Atlanta, Georgia date of the Honda Civic Tour, last night, sources confirmed that Blink-182 played their new track “Heart’s All Gone” twice. Mark Hoppus stated the reason being was that they were filming their upcoming music video.

“Heart’s All Gone” will be the second music video released off of Neighborhoods. Pick it up when it hits stores next Tuesday!"
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