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Re: Mark Auctioning Stuff For Redcross

blink-182 "What's My Age Again" Promo CD ... 500wt_1156

blink-182 Tour Backstage Pass - Mark Hoppus ... 500wt_1156

blink-182 X Maxx242 Hand Painted 1.5 FT tall Bunny ... 500wt_1156

blink-182 The Rock Show-Original Lyric Sheets ... 500wt_1156

here are some fucking awesome tweets.

@markhoppus: come on, tracy. i have the ORIGINAL DRAWING, the taped-together thing we copied for the covers,w cassette hand-written titles.
@tracy_marq: You know what will go big? A copy of Flyswatter. Got that?
@markhoppus: i have the orange shirt from that video.
@tracy_marq: How about your purple hair from the dammit video?
@markhoppus: Sorry to flood everyone's timeline today. More tomorrow. Stuff from videos, instrument(s), what else you want? Thanks to those who've bid!
@markhoppus: someone said "the flag from the 'feelin this' video shoot." i have that, as well. i'll be sad to see it go, but this is important.
@markhoppus: Somebody else said "costume from first date video." the spaulding one or the white suit one? i have them both, including fake sideburns
@markhoppus: Someone said "original lyric sheet to adam's song." I have that somewhere. Stand by. Getting things together now.
@markhoppus: What would you be most interested in? Promo items? Posters? Books? Stickers? Original lyric sheets? Guitars?

Re: Mark Auctioning Stuff For Redcross

Iain wrote:
yodda wrote:^I agree
He is really awesome for doing this, hang your heads in shame Travis and Tom.

To be fair, Travis Barker has a thing for his new album like expensive deals that all the money goes to charity...

Everyone of his art pieces from his album that sells on his website will go to the burn center that saved his life.

I may buy the t-shirt they do for Japan. I know they said they were making one for em.

I wonder how many celebrity fan boys are bidding on those rock show lyrics, I know the madden brothers tweeted at Mark saying theyd bid on the feeling this flag.

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