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Re: favorite thing ever said by blink

" I don't know why I am in this band, I am the only guy that likes girls. I am the only one that believes that guys and girls should be together and that babies should be made the penis vagina way. The old way. These guys are trying to create some weird wacky, maybe the penis in the butt will get a kid, I don't know. I don't think that works" Mark: "What?" Tom: "No, don't come here and try to act like your heterosexual!"

Re: favorite thing ever said by blink

Tom: - This song is a special song, this song is a important song, this song is about having sex with your own father - he did say it on Reading Festival 03 when they played it feel so good. Not fuck grandpha (sorry)

Mark - How many in here are going to have sex and drugs tonight?
Tom - Your dirty fucking little monkies, your dirty fucking little monkies
Mark - Here´s a songg

And they played Obvious for one of the first time live on Reading also =)
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"Tomorow we have to get up to leeds - Mark Hoppus 2003 Reading Festival, fuck leeds its all about READING! - Tom Delonge Reading Festival 2003"

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