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Re: Blink-182 Collectors Thread

henry wrote:just did a search on craigslist for blink and found this -

"Will accept Indoor medical cannabis yes of course i am a mm patient! "



I doubt this person cares, but damn they sound like such a bum. Potheads are all serious bums, I've never found a clean pothead who doesn't always reak and isn't always on the look out for weed. You know you're going too far when you're willing to sell things for bud like it's a currency.
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Re: Blink-182 Collectors Thread

My mom found two old Blink shirts at Goodwill today!
An old Blink Bunny one (like the one they remade recently) and a 2004 North American Tour shirt with the dates on the back and a picture of the dudes on the front from the back of the Untitled art
Happy :D
Just thought i'd share

Thanks to Kaythemagnificent for the magnificent signiture!

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Re: Blink-182 Collectors Thread

TheOctopus wrote:Hey cuties.

I have a 12" WMAA record for sale, very rare.


I also have two marble blue Dude Ranch pressings for sale.


Lemme know homies.

how much is the dude ranch one? i don't think i can buy this time cos i'm pretty poor now but i really want it some day haha

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