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Re: Blink-182 Collectors Thread

Hey guys, my names Stan, I introduced myself in the other forum but I thought this would be relevant here as well.

So yeah, I've been apart of the blink-182collection forum for a while now and am a pretty active user there, so I just thought I'd come across to here and check this place out too.

And check out my collection site here if anyone gets the chance, I've worked really hard on it and I'd really appreciate any comments anyone would like to leave ;)

Hey! If you guys are anything like me, you like to dress up in your mother's underwear and walk around the house trying to seduce your father.

Check Out My Collection Here:

Re: Blink-182 Collectors Thread

monkey_boy182 wrote:
TheOctopus wrote:
gkb98x wrote:
Stan-182 wrote:Haha Fuck U Adam :!:



We should get everyone to join and just post in this specific thread haha :]

yeh! and lets cancel the website and save me some money lol

I was thinking of you when I made that comment. I knew you were getting tired of running and paying for the site! :-*
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Re: Blink-182 Collectors Thread

Tyler wrote:my record from you finally arrived dude! friggin christmas and new years meant post office wasn't operating for 8 days or so where i live. and it's not cracked :D

Awesome man!<333 Thanks so much for buying from me again :D You and Matt helped me pay for my large blink bunny, I got it the other day, number 15 out of 250!

I'm glad it got there safe, thanks again man!
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Re: Blink-182 Collectors Thread

Tyler wrote:
monkey_boy182 wrote:4 Cheshire Cat
4 Buddha (half half)
2x Dude Ranch Green
1x Dude Ranch Blue

why are you getting more than one of the same thing?

Hahaha trading/selling purpose I'm sure.

I was dumb before and bought one copy of everything, but lately I've been buying triples and doubles as well. I actually like to have one copy opened and one sealed for me personally. It makes me feel better opening a vinyl haha. But I just traded an extra copy of a sealed Buddha half blue/green for a Josie Australian Single so I'm happy. :D Paid 11 bucks for an extra record and got a single that goes for 50. Whoop!

Always a good idea to buy more than one copy. You make some serious cash to expand your collection that way. It's not like ticket scalping despite what people say haha These vinyl are up for days and no one buys them, then they complain about people buying multiple copies. You snooze, you lose :3
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