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Re: New interview

Henry wrote:
Chuck-182 wrote:
iSimon wrote:

From the grammys.

migratin' from PD eh? ;)


duh, PD = Lame.

Don't say that or Iain will bite you.

Re: New interview

justin wrote:you gotta know travis hates being asked about the crash. you can kinda sense it.

yeah and billy bush can't seem to. it's almost as if his picking on him for it. such a fucking idiot.

ask questions about blink, nobody wants to keep talking/hearing about the accident.

Re: New interview

iSimon wrote:
link2blink wrote:really awkward and weird, tom barely said anything.

Haha. Not exactly.
But I'll be spending a bit of time on here. :)

were you trying to quote me or that other guy?


I guess this is growing up...

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