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Looks like blink will be performing in the NHL All-Star game in a couple of weeks. In looking for a link I stumbled across this: ... blink-182/

Edit: found the video--not sure if it will work outside Canada, though. Hrudy Stacey's taking about it around 4:20 ... de-clause/
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xDumpweed182x wrote:
yodda wrote:I'm guessing the deluxe version will come out exactly one year after California came out.

Mark said probably February when answering twitter questions. So I'm guess sometime around the Grammys and use those as a way to boost marketing.

This makes the most sense.

Just weird that we haven't heard anything else about it/new song at all.

Re: The blink-182 general discussion topic

Travis was on the Kevin and Bean show and mentioned song titles "Parking Lot" and "Misery", and then another unnamed joke track about pregnancy. He said within the next couple months it'll be released. February/March I'm guessing. I feel completely spoiled that it's coming so soon. Can't wait. Travis seems to really really like "Parking Lot."

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Need an album like Fighting the Gravity

Spoiler: show
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Elevator wrote:fuck Tom.

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