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Re: The blink-182 general discussion topic

Oops. Wrong part of the forum. I'll put my thoughts in the Bored To Death section.

EDIT: So I just saw that there is a track listing now. Awesome!

I'm pretty stoked now that the album is called California since some of the songs are cities from California, creates more of a cohesiveness .... dare I say concept album??

That's pretty cool. The name "Teenage Satellite" is the only thing that really bugs me. But we'll see.

And to try and make people feel better about the title, naming the album after a state can really mean a lot. Just look at Slipknot's Iowa album. That album was about the chaos and all of the raw emotions that the band felt towards Iowa ... especially where they grew up and lived in Des Moines. When you put that in perspective, the album becomes COMPLETELY brutal because it shows how personal everything in that album is to them and what their home represents.

The same can be said about this album title.

They were shaped by SoCal punk rock. This is important.

Also, the Brohemian song at the end is only 30 seconds long. It's probably going to be a Depends sort of song but without the weird lyrics. Probably a really cool acapella thing.
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Re: The blink-182 general discussion topic

ILikeBlink182 wrote:Just out of interest. The venues that they are playing this tour, are they the same size as the ones they played before Tom left/got kicked out/is still in the band/whatever? I wouldn't know since i'm european and all that. Would just be interesting to know if they still have the same expectations of people showing up as when Tom was still in the band. I think people will. Blink now is a far more interesting live band than they have been the last couple years. And a lot of casual fans wouldn't know Tom even left and show up at the show going: "Hey, where's the chipmunk?"

The Vancouver show is in a smaller arena, which is probably good because I don't know if they've ever sold out in Vancouver.
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Re: The blink-182 general discussion topic

Okay I've answered my own question:

Here are the merch bundles (guess bundles weren't just a tom thing after all!!). They all come with the presale code for tickets. The most expensive ones include a chance to win a signed fender bass, front row tickets to the shows, or a VIP package to the shows.

A little disappointed in the merch. Pretty phone in with just putting the album cover across the top. My favorites are the zip ups with blink 182 on the chest, but those are only available with the most expensive bundles...

Thanks MilfredCubicle for the sig!

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