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my boyfriend lives currently in Maryland (moving in with me in ohio soon though) and we are already going to see 21 pilots June 10th at merriweather. But he listens to DC 101 every day on his way to and from work so he is going to try and win us tickets. We both love the lineup. I hope we win so fucking bad. We are strapped for cash because of the big move coming up, so free tickets would be a blessing.

Re: The blink-182 general discussion topic

c_ortiz93 wrote:Good Charlotte released a new single to their upcoming record, which was produced by Feldy, and it's pretty lame. I really hope the happy-go-lucky computerized beats weren't a Feldy influence that will make its way to blink's record.

Now granted, they haven't put out something I have been into for a many years so I am not caught up. But I feel like that is an area they had already moved towards?

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