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Re: The blink-182 general discussion topic

frisky wrote:That chrome smiley didn't last long.

I liked it too. This is the problem with band logos it seems. They have to put it on every single piece of merch for some reason. There's only so much you can do with a bunny and a smiley.

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"Travis and I could tour as blink-182 if we wished. We could hire a new guitarist and hit the road. It would be our right, since Tom quit. Of course we have no plans to do that. Blink-182 was the three of us. The whole thing would be very disingenuous." - Mark Hoppus

Re: The blink-182 general discussion topic

c_ortiz93 wrote:I'd wear this shirt if it existed.

I have a shirt kinda like that. It has that blink logo and then a pic of blink underneath it... the same pic on the back of the TOYPAJ album where Travis' feet are spread apart all weird haha
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