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Re: The blink-182 general discussion topic

Awesome. Would never have guessed at GMOGR but fair play that they are still throwing in new (old) songs. I really hope they seriously consider just recording some acoustic re-makes. Would take like a month tops to do an acoustic album and it'd go down a treat!

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Re: The blink-182 general discussion topic

Tyler wrote:All of Give Me One Good Reason

Sounds fucking great. I wonder if the London shows will have another different song...

That was wonderful.
I could make comments about Toms voice, or whatever, but ultimately I loved it.

I think we should bug mark on twitter for an acoustic album, even if its previous songs done acoustic or whatever. I would be so happy with it.

seriously, I think I might prefer this version to the original, and the original is a blink fave of mine.

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