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Deluxe Edition discussion

The album has leaked. What does everyone think?

Only two songs really stick with me. Last Train Home is the song I've been wanting. Matt finally got to shine on a track. It has a Trio feel to it, but I like it. It's Trio fused with Plus 44 but it doesn't sound recycled. The other song I enjoy is Don't Mean Anything. It's not a musical masterpiece but the chorus is stuck in my head.

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Bottom of the Ocean is pretty good, too. All in all, the new songs are better than the original California track list. That being said, it's still underwhelming. Here's to hoping they ditch Feldy on the next record and get back to writing songs with actual meaning and passion.

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6/8 is the only song that I'm happy with - that said I've listened to it a few more times
Long Lost Feeling has to be the most flat and uninteresting song I've heard that has blink's name attached to it - this whole deluxe part of the album is kinda like that - the Bored to Death acoustic version is probably the best part of the whole thing (and I don't even really like that song).

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Damn, those are some weak tracks.

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Gonna use this as a play by play post:

Parking lot is not that bad, untill the nana's. I really hope john feldman fucks off after this. california is done, now lets see blink work with someone else. Holy shit the nana's ruin everything.

Misery is ait. the delay on marks voice is a nice example of overproducing. Catchy chorus

good old days = lame. might be the most generic thing ive ever heard. (skipped halfway through)

dont mean anything, dope chorus. ai cool song

hey im sorry, i allready liked this one. thought this was the best one on the OG california (even tho it was just an asia exclusive)

last train home. Ay great song. sound real, even tho mark probably never takes the train.

wildfire. Make sure to resycle your paper and plastic. The Skiba harmonies halfway through are nicely done.

6/8 i like the chorus. the guitar can do better on the verses. has great potential but could be better. i like the vibes of this one, but its too wallowing.

long lost feeling, too easy, could be better.

bottom of the ocean, yeah no. boring.

cant get you more pregenant -

bored to death acoustic its really acoustic

ait that was it kids. Probably wont listen to this again. maybe right before i see them in june. Wonder if ill even like being at the concert.

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I'll bite...
Spoiler: show
Having listened 4-5 times, I feel the original California album was better. But I was a big fan of the main album. I made sure I didn't listen to any of the new songs until the deluxe edition was fully released today so these are all equally fresh views. I feel a lot of the strongest songs are at the back end of the deluxe edition. (But also, I still don't think they've release the "Punk Rock Cliche" track they really liked at the beginning of recording. Wonder what happened there?) If you agree/fucking hate anything below pleeeeeaaaassseeee say, so I can discuss new blink with some fellow nerds.

Parking Lot - Enjoyed more than I thought I would having read people's views. Very NOFX but fun and I don't feel it sounds like anything on the original album. Lyrics are not great though.

Misery - Received quite well on release so I was really looking forward to this. Slightly underwhelmed (but only slightly). Think again it is actually quite individual (from California). The intro is super cool and sensitive and probably doesn't get enough made of it through out the song. I really like Mark's bridge melody and lyrics, but feel they missed a chance to blast the guitars in the chorus... the guitars are way too in the background for me. But I still really enjoy it in general.

Good Old Days - Really forgettable for me. Definitely feels like way more of a b-side than most of the other deluxe tracks, both lyrically and music-wise.

Don't Mean Anything - Such an Adam's Song intro. Almost too Adam's Song. Starts to come to life with Mark's chorus part. I think the "we all fall to the surface sometimes..." and beyond that all work well. But it is slightly repetitive and they make it worse with some outro "woo ooo oooohhhs...."

Hey I'm Sorry - Surely not new to the peeps here... I like it, don't love it.

Last Train Home - Love the twiddly guitar at the beginning, love how the verse builds, love the "laaaaaast traaaaaain hooooome", love how Mark's lyrics lie over the top of it in the chorus, and love how it all builds as the song progresses. Fucking great tune. And definitely original, not sure why it wasn't on the original album since it offers something different from anything on there and is something more mature imo (maybe the song only fully came together in the deluxe recording sessions). Ruined slightly by the association with Lostprophets so for that reason alone I wish they called it something else, but at least hopefully now I'll start to associate the title with blink rather than with Lostprophets...

Wildfire - Sounds like blink trying to be blink. Blink by numbers.The absolute definition of a b-side. Same formula as the California album so therefore unimpressive by now. Still happy to listen to it, but not impactful really.

6/8 - Sadly I'd read people's views so the heaviness wasn't as much of a surprise as I wish it had been. I like the dark side of this. Again at least it's a new direction. Feel the chorus was a bit slow, but Matt's screaming lifts it and I actually love Mark's lyrics on this one. A nice potential inspiration for the next full album.

Long Lost Feeling - Ok, just to clarify. I HATE trying to associate every song Mark writes with Tom. But......... I feel the lyrics here are totally fitting. (If anyone wants to discuss this song specifically let's do it!!) But yeah, I don't mind this slower song, but the lyrics are what stick out for me as I'm almost sure it all relates to Tom.

Bottom of the Ocean - Shat myself when it started, but the dirty Usher-esque verse makes the chorus all the more of a blast (and relief). It's not a revolutionary chorus but the pace of it and the guitars are probably my favourite aspect of the whole deluxe album, then the beat in the second verse and how relentless the song becomes is sick imo. I LOVE IT!! (PS is that a woman's voice in the "if you need me I'll be here at he bottom of the ocean" line? It definitely sounds like it...)

I can't get you more pregnant - Yeah, a joke song too far...

Bored To Death (Acoustic)
- I've seen some acoustic versions of this song before and wasn't impressed at all so thought this would be a useless throwaway. But I'm actually blown away, and like all the best acoustic songs, it gives me a whole new perspective on the song. It's paced brilliantly and Matt and Mark both sound excellent. The crowd add an extra element without ruining the poignancy of the song. It works waaaay better than any other acoustic version of this song I was aware of.

Ok I'm done. Please disagree/find something to say. Let's have it!

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I also really like Good Old Days.

My favorite is still Hey, I'm Sorry.

Is the acoustic Bored to Death from their gig at The Rose last summer in London?!?!

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And she said... wrote:
wink182 wrote:

Ok I'm done. Please disagree/find something to say. Let's have it!

Good review. I'm actually leaning toward Good Old Days as being my favourite.

Yeah I must say listening again today it grew on me. But still isn't a stand out for me. But if it works for some then it totally justifies it being included so fair play.

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Legitimately Good: Hey, I'm Sorry

Not My Thing, but Hey, Thanks for Actually Trying: 6/8 (chorus is the best on the album), Last Train Home

Downright Embarrassing: The rest of the album. Bottom of the Ocean might somehow be more wince-inducing than Wildfire, Can't Get You More Pregnant, or Wildfire, which is rather amazing. Couldn't even make it through the vast majority of these songs, which I can't even say about California.

Also, with regards to Don't Mean Anything/Long Lost Feeling/Wildfire: is this some elaborate troll job to show how generic this band has become that they can write the same riff three times on the same album (and 5-6 if you count this as extension of California) and no one gives a shit? Can it even be called elaborate? They seem to be writing complete garbage, shoving it in their fans' faces, and telling them to accept it.

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The thing is some songs on there start out kind of promising, but then the chorus comes in and it sounds so cliche, weak and indistinguishable I don't make it to the end of the song. I miss the time when blink were the masters of writing catchy but unique choruses, not this generic crap.
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None of these songs are necessarily bad, I just wish they took these 27 song ideas they had and condensed them into 10-12 AWESOME songs. Instead we have 27 ALRIGHT songs. But that being said, I'm cool with what we've heard on the deluxe edition. Some pretty good ideas on there.

At the end of the day, Last Train Home and Hey, I'm Sorry are my two favorites from the whole record. Pretty good shit. Keep making interesting songs like those, please.

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I cried. Love the fuck outta this album. Still listening to it every day. I'm killing old blink with a chainsaw. Fuck that shit.

Edit: I wrote the above bit first just to get it out and then I read through everything. And, I gotta say, I'm surprised. I don't understand. But oh well. It has all of the darker elements to it that people were saying blink didn't have anymore. The guitars had more flair to them. There were moments where you could hear Alkaline Trio in there, and it wasn't just in Last Train Home. Second verse of Wildfire when Matt sings are straight up Alkaline Trio melodies which is sick.

I guess I"m just on a whole different plane of existence than everyone else on here.

Oh well. Great for me. After Parking Lot came out, I stayed the fuck outta here, and ignored all of the leaks, waiting until the album came out this past Friday. And the past three days can be basically summed up by the Deluxe Edition.

The drive down to work on Friday was magnificent. The only "meh" feeling I got was from Misery. Everything else just punched me in the face.

The only thing I'm going to respond to (in response to all of the overtly cynical garbage) is that Long Lost Feeling needed to have a more subdued chorus, when compared to all of the other songs on the record. If it had another BOOM! then it would've just blended in with every other track on here.

You guys are nuts.

But Jesus Christ. I don't understand the whole generic comments going around. The melodies are sick. THIS was the Mark I was waiting for. Yah, he did a magnificent job on California, but it had more of that Bored-to-Death-bridge feel to it. So good. I especially don't understand the hate for Good Ole Days. Man.

Enjoy listening to untitled on repeat, I guess ....
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