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"Whether it's your first kiss or break-up with a girl, or you hang out with your friends"

- a 45 year old man

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"Travis and I could tour as blink-182 if we wished. We could hire a new guitarist and hit the road. It would be our right, since Tom quit. Of course we have no plans to do that. Blink-182 was the three of us. The whole thing would be very disingenuous." - Mark Hoppus

Re: Song descriptions by Mark

Yeah lyrically this seems like it's going to fall flat in the pattern of California (not surprisingly). Written in a few minutes and completed in an afternoon. "There's not any real special meaning behind it other than starting a wildfire." Yeah can't wait for this one.

After the Feldman experience can they please let Skiba just write the whole thing...and not in 5 minutes?

Re: Song descriptions by Mark

john trashcan feldmann on cali writing process track by track:

"The mindset I was going into was coming out of 5 Seconds of Summer's second album"

"My agenda was to have an album that was palatable for a generation of ADD kids."

"The bridge is what I think made it turn into the single, when Mark came up with that nursery-rhyme bridge section, melodically and lyrically" ... k-by-track

I can't find it for the life of me, but either in a text-based or video interview, john said something to the effect of "ppl jus wan hear weels on the bus go round n round over n over again and that's how I had the guys rite lyrics on the new albim". It's rly sad, it seemed like this lineup had so much potential. Soohm video still makes me cringe.
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