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[Song Discussion] - Easy Target

This relatively song off their Untitled comes late in the track listing, and in between tracks like Here's Your Letter and Asthenia, Easy Target is often forgotten. I like this song a lot because it's a straight to the core punk song, but it has the DNA of Untitled (raw, but clean, somewhat aggressive, still catchy). Tom on the verses and Mark on the chorus. It just works. I like how the outro of the song segues into All of This.

Apparently it's a song about the time when the studio producer was in high school, asked a girl out, went to her house and she soaked him water balloons (or something like that) and it was all a prank.

The lyrics are all great, so I may as well post them:

All her signals are getting lost in the ether
She's a landslide with a city beneath her
So take a good look, so you'll never forget it
Take a deep breath, I know I'm gonna regret it
(That's what she wanted)

Holli's looking dry looking for an easy target
Let her slit my throat give her ammo if she'll use it
Caution on the road lies lies and hidden danger.
Southern California's breeding mommy's little monster.

She's got a mission, and I'm collateral damage.
She's the flower that you place on my casket.
Savor the moment cause the memory's fleeting.
Take a photograph, as the last train is leaving.


Re: [Song Discussion] - Easy Target

It's some of Tom's better lyrics, for sure. one of the rare occasions where he doesn't make me cringe. I also adore the instrumentation, but my favourite part is still the "HOLLY LET ME OUT", angry yelly Tom is my favourite kind of Tom.
Tbh, this is the kind of style of song I always wanted more of from blink. oh well.

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Re: [Song Discussion] - Easy Target

This is one of the few songs on the album that I really, really like. I rarely mention it though for some reason because every time I listen to it, I fucking love it. I love the back and forth between Mark and Tom because, well, that's when they're at their best. Interestingly, even though it's not as raw, I think they took a lot of artistic cues from this song in Los Angeles. I just think of it every time, especially when Mark, in Los Angeles, does that, almost Tarzanian "Whoa-oh-ah-oh." It's raw and experimental, and reminds me of when Mark sings "That's what she wanted" in Easy Target. He puts emphasis on those words in an interesting way. It's just full of emotion and not polished.

I really wish that Mark would continue experimenting with what his voice can do because it really works on Easy Target. There's the, "That's what she wanted," which I mentioned earlier as well as the "Better run run run run run run." It puts a strange amount of emphasis on the "run" that makes it stand out.

I agree with Kay. Blink needed to make more songs like this. It's so fucking rad.

I'm almost mad at myself now for forgetting to mention it. For me, it gets lost in the sea of crap post-Down.

I guess another reason why I forget about it is because of that segue into All Of This, which is, don't get me wrong, beautifully done. But it just tears me apart knowing how much Mark idolizes Robert Smith, and he's thrust to the side in this song. It should've been a duet between him and Robert, not Tom.

Gah. Now I'm angry again. LOL
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