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[Song Discussion] - Going Away to College

The first 3 songs were lighthearted, about Mark/Tom's failing with women and even UFO's, but track 4 shows that Enema of the State is the album that Blink 182 starts to mature and talk about serious subjects. If Blink-182 at it's very core has always been about being an immature teenager, this album is the conflict of being forced to grow up and accept change. It starts on this track, by Mark, who has arguably contributed the more serious songs on the album.

The opening melody is not my favorite, but it identifies the song and gives a calm vibe before the rushing guitars. Tom's backing vocals are faint in the mixing but well appreciated. Travis' drums very well as usual with a strong mini-solo near the end.

Mark's delivery of the vocals is excellent. He can shift from melodic singing, to frantic chanting, from slow tempo, to quick, and he even at times breaks the tempo with syncopated lines like "-- Won't forget to!" and such.

Lyrically, I think this song has one of their best choruses:

"And I haven't been this scared in a long time
And I'm so unprepared, so here's your valentine
Bouquet of clumsy words, a simple melody
This world's an ugly place but you're so beautiful to me"

Definitely having to break up a relationship before college amongst many other changes at that age are very frightening. It helps that the lyrics are honest: It's true that Mark is a better writer now, but the song is better from the perspective of an anxious 18 year old rather than "Your eyes are a dreamy hue of blue" type of poetry.

Rating - 4.5/5

Re: [Song Discussion] - Going Away to College

It's probably one of my favourite blink tracks really. It's just so sweet and straight forward. theres hints of awkward teenager in it but for the most part it's just really sweet and I agree the chorus is one of their best. I love the guitar on this song a lot as well. the whole song does something for me... it was one of the first songs of there's I learned fully on guitar. lots of happy memories associated with it.

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Re: [Song Discussion] - Going Away to College

The intro to this song is iconic as balls. I still remember how the intro was incorporated into the main website whenever you visited the page with the FLASH animation of the capsule-shaped, blue-and-red "blink-182" logo. God damn. Those were good times ......

I agree with Marmalade. The chorus is definitely the bees knees. The transition, of course, leading into the track from Alien's Exist was also another great effect.

Just a really solid track.
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