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blink-182 Song Election - California

The elections are back, babydoll!

blink-182's most recent release, California.

The rule is vote for the song you like the least every day and eventually the most popular one will remain.

Here are the songs of California:

Bored To Death
She's Out Of Her Mind
Los Angeles
Built This Pool
No Future
Home Is Such A Lonely Place
Kings Of The Weekend
Teenage Satellites
Left Alone
Rabbit Hole
San Diego
The Only Thing That Matters
Brohemian Rhapsody
Hey I'm Sorry

well I don't think I'm alone here - I really hope California kicks the bucket first
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Re: blink-182 Song Election - California

Kings of the Weekend

"Tom and Travis are my brothers and I'd do anything for those guys. When all of this is said and done, we'll all be together looking back going 'fuck, we made it'."
– Mark, UC2

"So many other bands just fight, they don't get along and hate each other, but when things come down the road that are hard and gnarly... It's just us three, I feel like it doesn't matter, I feel like we can do anything"
– Tom, UC2

What went wrong?

Re: blink-182 Song Election - California

yodda wrote:
Fentoozler wrote:
yodda wrote:^I'm voting for She's Out Of Her Mind next round - that song is garbage flavoured candy.

B-but... she's got Bauhaus stuck in her head. :( AND she's lost her Head on the Door. :sad:

I don't know what that means.

They're quotes from the song .... makes sense you didn't realize that though if you think it's garbage flavored candy lol ...

It's a brilliant song. And I'm sad people hate it. It's got TOYPAJ all over it. It's one of the most blink-sounding songs on the album. I am angered by all you self-titled fools!!! FOOLS!!!!

Ummm ... if California is voted out in this round, then I'm DONE! DONE!! Fuck Democracy. You're all wrong :lol:
I was hanging on by a little thread.
Just minutes before I was on a mountain.
I screamed "I can see all."
The ground broke from the sound.
It was all built on nothing.
Caution: the solid ground that you are on will slide from under you.
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