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Rank Blink 182 albums from best to worst (2016)

1 - Untitled
This is raw punk, experimental, branches out in so many directions.
2 - Take off Your Pants and Jacket
Lots of catchy songs. Probably their most refined project overall.
3 - Neighborhoods
I love the heavy saturated dark eerie experimental industrial sound.
4 - Enema of the State
They found their identity, got Travis and totally smashed the pop scene.
5 - Dude Ranch
This is when they broke into the punk scene. Before they went pop
6 - Cheshire Cat & Buddha
Their old refined demos. Raw sound. Some songs have really aged well.
7 - Dogs Eating Dogs
Had some good stuff, questionable stuff, was a good little EP.
9 - Flyswatter
Everyone starts somewhere.

Re: Rank Blink 182 albums from best to worst (2016)

1- Enema of the State
If Cheshire Cat symbolizes the moment when I fell in love with blink-182, then Enema represents that moment in my "relationship" when my love turned into an obsession. Like some freaky, clingy significant other, everything I did revolved around Enema. After some very raw, under-produced albums, this super-polished release was exactly what I had been craving to hear from my first love. From the opening riff in Dumpweed, I was hooked. From the catchy-as-fuck What's My Age Again, the deal was sealed. To this day, even though I'm a Mark man, I still think Dumpweed and Anthem are one of the greatest blink songs of all time. Enema is also home to Wendy Clear, which is another one of my all-time favorite blink songs. Those three songs are undoubtedly in my top 5. An interesting fact: In eighth grade, we had an assignment where we had to choose a song that meant a lot to us and play it to the class. I chose Adam's Song because it took a dark subject matter and gave it an unexpected, positive twist at the end.
2 - Cheshire Cat & Buddha
I'm nostalgic as fuck. Cheshire Cat was my first modern rock album. This album introduced me to my first love in music. The first of many. Cheshire Cat was not only my gateway drug into the punk scene, it was my gateway drug to music.
3 - Dude Ranch
This was always the odd child in my relationship with blink. From a detached, purely musical standpoint, Due Ranch took Cheshire Cat a step forward. Both Mark's and Tom's vocals were harsher, the guitars were more distorted. I loved it because it was so different from Cheshire Cat. But after Enema and TOYPAJ, it fell off the charts and, soon, disappeared from my radar. But over the years, it's become one of my favorites. Songs like Waggy, Emo and Lemmings always punch me in the face.
4 - Take off Your Pants and Jacket
When this album came out, I was in eighth grade. It was, hands down, my favorite album by blink at that time, and for many years following. TOYPAJ was everything Enema was, except, it was rawer and had more energy. It was the perfect mix between that sound which I fell in love with in Cheshire Cat and the polished production that made me go "blink mad" back in 1999.
5 - Untitled
Everyone knows how I feel about this album. After BCR, I was ready for Mark. But once this album came out, it was obvious that the chemistry between Mark and Tom had fizzled and that Tom only cared about what HE believed blink should sound like. Blink was no longer the band that I had fallen in love with. Instead, it became Box Car Racer with Mark Hoppus. Because of BCR, I could never really perceive the evolution blink went through in untitled as a natural one, always seeing it as Tom's way of bringing the darker tones which he explored in BCR to blink. If BCR hadn't happened and if Mark hadn't been cast aside like some tissue paper that has just been ejaculated into, I probably would've loved this album. When I first put untitled into my CD player, I stopped after Violence. I don't know when I tried listening to the album again. Probably the next day. I do know, however, that it took me two years before I finally listened to the album from start to finish. It's this album which started the "Mark vs Tom" war in my head. This was the album that destroyed the band I had fallen in love with. Strangely, untitled is home to my probably all-time favorite blink song, Feelin This. Other notable mentions are Stockholm Syndrome and Down.
6 - Neighborhoods
Like untitled, this was another album where Tom brought over his filth from his other projects, except this time it was Angels & Airwaves rather than Box Car Racer (even though they are apparently one in the same). Mark was pushed to the sidelines yet again, and that infuriated me, especially since I had decided to give Tom another chance. Strangely, Neighborhoods has another one of my all-time favorite blink songs M.H., which is in my top 5. (If you've been counting, my top five blink songs are Wendy Clear, Anthem, Dumpweed, Feelin This and M.H.) Musically, Neighborhoods is a train wreck. While I think that I might have loved untitled if things were different, I don't think there's a way I could ever love this album.
7 - Dogs Eating Dogs
Trick me once, shame on you. Trick me twice, shame on me. Trick me thrice, fuck you.
9 - Flyswatter
Marmalade said it right: "Everyone starts somewhere."
I was hanging on by a little thread.
Just minutes before I was on a mountain.
I screamed "I can see all."
The ground broke from the sound.
It was all built on nothing.
Caution: the solid ground that you are on will slide from under you.
-Hot Water Music

Re: Rank Blink 182 albums from best to worst (2016)

Dude Ranch - This album is responsible for my love of sloppy power chords and summery pop punk music and terrible jokes. it epitomises the whole 'blink have lots of fun and stupid jokes but its about friendship and not taking yourself too seriously' vibe that made me fall in love with this band. It has some of my favourite blink tracks on it (Pathetic, Dick Lips, Enthused, Josie, Lemmings, I'm Sorry) and its just one of my favourite albums of all time.

TOYPAJ / Enema - They're basically the same record to me, but I prefer TOYPAJ by a smidgen. It's the ultimate 'blink' really, blink-182 in their prime. a mixture of immaturity and surprising attempts at actually decent mature songwriting. They'll always be the records that I'd point to and go 'THATS blink-182!'

Untitled - Everyone loves it, I do love it, but nowhere near as much as others do. I love that they'd tried something different, but it's not as dear to me as older blink is. It definitely influenced me a lot though, and it does fill me with warm nostalgia fuzzies.

Cheshire Cat - Only reason this is beneath Untitled is due to recording quality... I adore this record.

Neighborhoods - Eeeerrrrggghhhhhh (Except Kaleidoscope)

Buddha / Flyswatter - It's cute.

DED - Nope.

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Re: Rank Blink 182 albums from best to worst (2016)

1.) Untitled
- This has shifted a few times. But this was a bold bold album. That has so many hidden production gems. This album hits you right in the feels...

2.) Take Off Your Pants & Jacket
- This to me has the BEST song selection in terms of variety. You have you're stupid joke songs, you have you teen sing along songs, you have you your angsty teen ballads and last but not least you have your deep depressing songs.

3.) Enema Of the State
- This album got blink on the map. And solidified the band as bunch of pervy dudes who know how to write pop-punk. And sell it to the masses. Great songs, great memories.

4.) Neighborhoods
- It may not be there most valiant effort. But the album has a charm. They came together after a long break and make an album work. Sure it was rushed. But I still have a few songs I can't get enough of.

5.) Dude Ranch / Buddha
- It may be sloppy, the lyrics not make much sense. But this album has an undeniable charm. And some of the singles on this album are timeless.

6.) Cheshire Cat:
- Again sloppy, a little disjointed. But it was good fun.

7.) Dogs Eats Dogs
- Sadly this EP has weakend on me over the years. Has some good songs. Pretty little girl and Boxing Day. But the rest of the album feels like filler. Tom had to drag everyone out to get this ep out. And it shows.

8.) FlySwatter
- Yeah I third the everyones got to start somewhere. Only so much you can expect out of a bunch of kids and an 8track player...

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Re: Rank Blink 182 albums from best to worst (2016)

---------------- (By far the two biggest albums in my life)
Dude Ranch
---------------- (Still both incredible)
TMTATS - As live albums go, it's so much more fun and entertaining than most.
Neighborhoods (Kinda lump DED alongside it)
Cheshire Cat

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Re: Rank Blink 182 albums from best to worst (2016)

1. Untitled - the holy grail. I've discussed this one at length on here. (Shameless plug for my Untitled retrospective -> viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2773&p=352267&hilit=Here%27s+Your+Love+Letter#p352267)

2. Enema - started it all for me. Got me into music. The first album that spoke to me and made me realize I liked rock.

3. Mark Tom and Travis Show - Yup, I know its a weird choice, but I almost universally like the live versions better than the original cuts. The enema songs especially benefit from the increased tempo and energy, as the overproduction sometimes drags the original versions. Dude ranch songs like Pathetic, Untitled, and Dick Lips have incredible urgency and zip. This version of Peggy Sue forever. The jokes helped shape my sense of humor. I got this before I ever went backwards to Dude Ranch so it was my first impression of "older" blink and I loved it.

4. Dude Ranch - close, but just edges out TOYPAJ. Just vintage, raw pop punk at its finest.

5. TOYPAJ - Enema Part II, but just as memorable. Can't fault a great sequel just because its a sequel. Back to the Future II, Empire Strikes Back, Godfather Part II, need I go on?

6. Neighborhoods - Sorry, but I listened to this album pretty much nonstop for all of 2011. The thrill of hearing Mark and Tom's voices together again on up all night is a lifetime memory. I teared up when I first heard Ghost on the Dancefloor for the same reasons. Has a special place in my heart, and I think its a solid album with many great songs like Ghosts, UAN, Natives, Kaleidoscope etc.

7. Cheshire Cat/Buddha - love these albums, but the quality, especially of the vocals, make it hard for me to return to them on a regular basis.

8. DED - Love it, but its just an EP, not as much staying power, beginning of the end so bad vibes.

9. Flyswatter - Oh, right.


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Re: Rank Blink 182 albums from best to worst (2016)

1. Untitled
3. Enema
4. Neighborhoods
5. Dogs Eating Dogs
6. Dude Ranch
7. Cheshire Cat
8. Buddha
9. Flyswatter

I realize now my bias is generally chronological.

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