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Yup to everything up there :up:

When I first played it on the drive to work this morning, I was a little put off. The Feeling This intro was great, and I was like, whoa, is this going to be like Feeling This? And then when the guitars came in, I was diggin' the sound, but then, like I said earlier, it reminded me a lot of plus 44 and that bummed the hell out of me. The pre-chorus had, from the start, always impressed me, and I loved the harmonies. The chorus, however, was the one thing that really bugged me for the whole ride and for a good deal of the day. The bridge, though, was always the main highlight, as well as the outro. But, again, thanks to Waggy the verses now no longer bug me, the pre-chorus is, hell yah, always good, and now I get pumped up for the chorus and even look forward to it during other parts of the song. And the bridge and outro? Always better.

I am very excited to see where my opinions take me in the coming days, weeks, months .... and I'm sure as hell pumped for the rest of the album when it comes out. I will, like I did with Neighborhoods, only listen to this single and will leave everything else as a surprise when I first listen to the album. I want most of it to be fresh, and only feel the need to skip Bored to Death because, well, I will undoubtedly be bored to death of the song by the time the album drops.

Interestingly enough, the cover is even growing on me. It actually fits the feel of the song, strangely enough. I see that.

The album almost feels like it COULD, and again this is purely conjecture because we have only heard one song, but I feel like this album could exemplify the riding experience of going on a road trip, which could very well be embellished by the names of three of the tracks ... going from LA to San Diego and then looking back at all of California.


It's all :up: from here.
I was hanging on by a little thread.
Just minutes before I was on a mountain.
I screamed "I can see all."
The ground broke from the sound.
It was all built on nothing.
Caution: the solid ground that you are on will slide from under you.
-Hot Water Music

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Broccoli_Apocalypse wrote:I completely agree with all of this.

It's a real shame, too, because Boxing Day was really awesome, and I loved the direction they went with the song. But unfortunately, that was only one song. I'm actually listening to DED right now, and it's just so ... so .... bad. Neighborhoods is also a real tragedy when you listen to it. There are so many songs that have so much potential but fail in the end, due to the lack of production and the obvious disparity between all of the members, which is a real, real shame.

But this song, like you said, has wonderful production. The guitar in the outro gives me chills because it has the same tone and sound as the chugging guitar in the bridge of All The Small Things. (I'm taking a break from listening to Bored to Death because I don't want to get too sick of it yet.)

I'm curious, though. You keep on saying that you haven't been listening to blink etc. etc. I need to ask. What have you been listening to?

Ah man I'm just into a lot of older music now. Blues and rock. I don't keep up with current music much. I think there is so much stuff to discover out there from years past. A lot of southern rock (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers) blues rock, bands like Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles. That's what I was really raised on and grew up around so that's what I've gone back to. But this isn't really the thread for that haha oh well.

Edit: I want to say I do still have that place in my heart for blink like I still like them lol. And I'm not trying to talk down about them like "mhmm yes I'm much better than that now" lol. I don't feel that way at all! But I don't go to them for musical inspiration anymore. The music I love to hear is emotional yet something that makes me want to make music, that inspires creativity. Blink did that for me from 13-18. Perfect band for those years of my life. I've just grown up and gotten through those times I guess and my perspective has changed. I'm sure everyone goes through a similar event!
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Re: Bored to Death Discussion

I thought it was a good song. Nothing awesome, but nothing horrible either. This of cores coming from high hopes that blink will be the knights in shiny armor that save the genre that commercial radio has beyond juiced and turned into something soulless and automated. I think there is a lot of criticism of their post hiatus stuff because the faith of that new blink song, that song everyone knows they have in them, the one you can almost hear it in your head, and every new release you think your about to hear it, but, it has yet to materialize. Its hard not to think about those other 10 unmade songs on the "could have been album" with Not Now and Another Girl Another Planet. Keep the faith, it will happen, and then some.

As far as how they went about the future of the band. I wish they would have considered working like they are currently, but then giving the almost finished album to Tom, and gave him the chance to do some noodles and harmonies after Skiba did the grunt work. Instead of replacement, just add a second guitarist and third vocalist. Everyone's happy and Tom could still have a part in it. I do think blink 18(#≠2) would have been a better idea without Tom. That way they cant get shit about "not being blink without Tom" and they could always go back if Tom rejoined. Also for Mark and Travis, they would still have the larger blink fan base opposed to +44 when they had to start pretty much from scratch, allowing them to benefit from what they helped work so hard to create. Blink 181* is also joking enough that it would be fitting for that part of the bands rep.

For "Bored to Death", the single does kinda sound like +44's throw away / recycled material melodically, only because that content of the song out weighed the new kick ass and overlooked content (which was very present). I do like the end bridge where Mark talks about his wife, and the vocal melody. Finally was reminiscent of some TOYPAJ vibes and I'm hoping there's more of it on the album. Also Travis, as always, was godlike. He records with such energy, identical to his live performance, and its very present. Also they do some "ohhhs" as if Tom were there insisting on doing them because their the the next big "Na Na" vocal riff :P. AND what about that bass riff in the pre-chorus? (0:38 - 0:41) Damn mark, atta boy! I think Skiba did an awesome job complimenting the song but not trying to steal the show. You done good son. I was also very happy with the production. John did a excellent job of keeping some Jerry Finn personality in it, i.e. phaser on the drums, guitar tone (also Skiba props) and overall instrument balance, and building on ideas developed from Holmes during +44. As well as finding a common ground for their electronic elements explored during their self produced time, and adding just enough spacey reverb and fx that you are ready to put on you "ohhh Toooomm" face like you did the first time you head Pretty Little Girl (joking that song is fine). Im hoping John's own touch will be present on other songs, because Goldfinger production is fucking awesome.

All and all, im very happy they are still making music, and always will be regardless. Even if this seemed harsher then I intended, post hiatus blink is still awesome. Unique things can be found on every blink song to date where they are pushing their boundaries and creating new ideas, and i stand by that. Stoked for the album, and if their happy and motivated, i hope they start working on another very soon. Eat, sleep, blink. Blink 182 life for life.

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Elevator wrote:
brian. wrote:TL;DR: don't live in the past. 2001 is long gone and everyone is 40+ in the band and this is what it is. Pretty remarkable they're still pumping jams out.

This sounds similar to what I was telling people when reactions to Neighborhoods & DED weren't the best.

Only difference was I really liked both of those.

I don't see my dislike of this tune as having anything to do with living in the past so much as how glaring it was that Tom was blink for me. It's just me. I know that people around here fucking hate Tom and are so glad he's gone, etc, but blink just isn't the same, TO ME, without him. It has nothing to do with politics or what kind of people they are or HE is, or this or that or whatever. It's Tom's voice, his guitar, and his influence on blink that, now absent, leaves a void in me as a fan.

Same. Song isn't bad, just boring.

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"Travis and I could tour as blink-182 if we wished. We could hire a new guitarist and hit the road. It would be our right, since Tom quit. Of course we have no plans to do that. Blink-182 was the three of us. The whole thing would be very disingenuous." - Mark Hoppus

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restingbird wrote:
Hey man that's cool. I bet it would look good with some lyrics. Like maybe speech bubbles near the dude?

Thanks man. I was thinking about adding lyrics, but I got bored to death (teehee) of working on it and decided to upload it without lyrics. I still may add them.

Re: Bored to Death Discussion

RadRacer wrote:
restingbird wrote:
Hey man that's cool. I bet it would look good with some lyrics. Like maybe speech bubbles near the dude?

Thanks man. I was thinking about adding lyrics, but I got bored to death (teehee) of working on it and decided to upload it without lyrics. I still may add them.

Haha understandable. Still rad though!

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c_ortiz93 wrote:
Waggy wrote:Oh my god that is the fucking funniest shit I've ever seen. I think he might be mentally ill. Hahahahahahahaha

In the description: "It feels like a huge n*gger dick banging into a hairy Japanese vagina"

Fucking Christ. Lmfao

Someone, please, neuter that guy.

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