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Re: Weird and Wonderful blink-182 Covers

^^The harmonies are totally off in that one. Sounds awful. Though admittedly that's one of the hardest things to do as a band/duo, seeing as you got to have two guys that can actually really sing.
"I always considered my job in Blink to try to architect new arrangements and sounds to push the band forward. I took on that role, and it was by no means only me -- everyone contributed to the great music that we did -- but I made that my passion, I made that my focus." -Tom DeLonge (Billboard, May 2017)

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Re: Weird and Wonderful blink-182 Covers

This is parody of Man Overboard I found, it is really weird and very offensive to some. But really well done to make it sound like Mark. I'm also 99.9% sure this isn't satire. Lyrics on in the description.

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edit: seems there is a cottage industry of taking blink songs and changing the lyrics to reflect some extreme views.

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