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Re: blink concert poster topic

Well I don't have all of the concert posters, only the ones I like + the anniversary posters (except for the two missing pieces). I'm sharing a flat with a friend of mine and we have quite a lot of wall space to use, so I guess I'll find some good spots. I have em all framed in the same black wooden frames, so it looks nice. I never really collected anything before but I'm obsessed with the posters.

Oh, and the profit on ebay is ridiculous - the posters are sold for 30$ and run between 100-250$ on ebay, and people buy them. I was lucky enough to get em all directly through bompa or the artists' websites. I'm not looking to make any profit though.
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Re: blink concert poster topic

Oh my, stupid bompa. I was up way too late and bompa crashed whenever I wanted to add the poster to my shopping cart. Now I have to get it on eBay, or maybe I'm lucky enough to get the artist's edition.

Does anyone know who that dude Acorn is? I don't find him on google, however I wanna know when that artist print comes out.
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Re: blink concert poster topic

I got the bundle from Bompa today, included

London #2, which I specifically didn't want. It's gigantic though, maybe twice the size of a normal concert poster which makes it pretty sweet overall.


Canceled Brixton show, which is tiny, maybe half the size of a normal concert poster, and I'm sure going into every bundle

It also came with a poster (?'s on posterboard) about 4"x8" of the image monkey_boy posted above.

It was a sweet deal though, I wish I found a way to order another one.

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