Worst Movie(s) You've Watched

The only criteria for this topic is that you sat through the whole movie. Obviously there are dozens of movies I turned off within the first 30 minutes but you don't truly know the plot of the movie till you reach the end credits. Basically this is a list of movies which made you say, "Why the hell did I keep watching that crap?."

Four movies comes to mind:
1) The Fourth Kind...a friend of a friend invited me to see the movie in theaters for her B-Day. I knew from the previews on TV that it would be terrible, and it was. Phony pile of crap trying to portray itself as "actual events."
2) The Happening...killer plants and terrible acting. Need I say more.
3) Juno...terrible soundtrack, Juno came off as a pretentious bitch, Jennifer Garner's character creeped me out, and the movie, in general, I found unfunny.
4) Donnie Darko...this movie is a gimmick. The point of the movie is that there is no point to the film.

Re: Worst Movie(s) You've Watched

I saw the Happening in theaters haha what a mistake that was :lol:
Juno was okayyyy when i first saw it, but liked it less every time i saw it again.

1) Batman & Robin...Batman had nipples on his suit, he had a ba credit card. wtf. and Arnold never stopped with the one-liners about ice.

I'll edit and add more when they come to mind.

Re: Worst Movie(s) You've Watched

Frisky, fuck you, Juno is awesome.

1. Elizabeth - the Golden Age : I tried walking out and wasn't allowed by my friends. essentially, it's horribly inaccurate, portrays Elizabeth the first as some pathetic lesbian, and had a ridiculous amount of stupid weird endings... not to mention just being boring as shit. it infuriated me.

2. National Treasure 2 : It was ridiculous. and stupid. and just fucking bad.

those are biggish films, theres a shitloads of others, I'll come back.

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Re: Worst Movie(s) You've Watched

justin stark wrote:
yodda wrote:I really hated Hugo
mainly because I couldn't understand why everyone loved it so much.

because Scorsese's name was attached to it.

yes, I deduced that for the film critics
but even people my age who have no idea who he is loved it? I despair

Re: Worst Movie(s) You've Watched

frisky wrote:
Druska_Corleone wrote:Idiana Jones and the crystal skull

That is one movie I hope to never be forced to watch. I have the original 3 movies on VHS and cherish the memories I have of them.

Yeah I've the original trilogy on DVD, back when I was I kid those movies used to be on the tv at least twce a year and when i saw the DVd pack I couldn't resist the urge to buy it.
Good memories indeed.

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Re: Worst Movie(s) You've Watched

Agent 12 wrote:Speaking of trilogy movies: The Matrix movies and Star Wars (old and new) were all complete and utter shit. Yeah, you read that right. Utter shit, all of them.

I can see that being true about the new films but come on... the Star Wars trilogy is a timeless classic. The best Sci-Fi/adventure film series IMO.

Re: Worst Movie(s) You've Watched

It's a classic because of the time it came out in, it was innovative for its time, sure, but that doesn't mean it's/they're (a) good movie(s). They are just crappy movies with crappy actors and crappy plots. Special effects (or soundtrack) do NOT make a good movie.

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Re: Worst Movie(s) You've Watched

Well it's the same thing with most of those 20s/30s/40s films that are still considered best ever. They are good because they are old! And I don't care, maybe they are, but the reason I'll never like them is because they are fucking slow and boring. And Star Wars is one of those rare older films that are actually pretty dynamic and interesting to watch even today.
And the acting is sufficient; it's not Oscar material but certainly isn't cringe-worthy. Besides, Star Wars isn't, and never has been about acting abilities.
As for the plot, the entire original trilogy has great plot IMO. Especially The Empire Strikes Back, I love how everything builds up to the final Luke/Vader showdown. Lawrence Kasdan really did a great job there.

But whatever.

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