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doitforthekids wrote:I hate to say it but with only 3 episodes of the season to go, I think I'm officially no longer in love with Community.

Rick and Morty has been so much better.

I stopped being in love during Season 3
I haven't watched the last 4 episodes but I'm guessing I shouldn't bother.

And yeah Rick and Morty 100 times

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Who's getting drunk as fuck tonight?! This guy!!!!! :) #Celebration

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All in all, the season wasn't perfect, but I think it recovered from all of the shows upheavals with relative success. I hope they get a sixth season and that fucking movie.

the highlights of this season are individual episodes (like the hot lava one) and the return of Duncan, but my favourite part overall is probably Abed. Abed was done so terribly in season 4 that to see him back and well... himself, I guess... was really great.

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