United States of Tara

I'm starting to think i'll just watch any show that's on Showtime. I love Dexter, I love the L Word (for some unknown reason) and I adore this show.

It's about a woman with insane multiple personalities and it's effectively destroying her and her families lives. it's brilliantly well written and the main actress is surprisingly good. I have no idea how she pulls them all off. also it's one of the best main themes I've seen in a while.

Seriously, there only 30 minute episodes, try one or two out. I'm hooked.

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Re: United States of Tara

The lesbians I used to live with forced me to watch The L Word, it was like a big group event... I hated them for it and still do. It's an awful show. USOT is pretty good though, the son is a little too whiny and I'd like to smack him but I like the rest of them.

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