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My band's new song live!


Check it out, tell me what you think. :)

BTW, the bassist forgot the second verse lyrics, as you can tell if you watch. :lol: Can't tell too much, though. lol.

TJ Brady (Me) - Guitar, vocals
Zach Michaels - Bass, vocals
Ross Backenkeller - Drums

Oh, and check out my super fly jump at about 3:56. lmao. ;p

Two more songs we played that night in this video!

Oh, another song we played on a completely different day as well. Tell me what you think! haha.
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Re: My band's new song live!

VA6RAPTOR wrote:Haha looks like you guys are having fun. That's awesome.
I could see this being an amazing song professionally recorded. The verses are really catchy.

Thanks a lot man! :D We're actually going to Madison Media Institute mid-November and recording 6 songs to put up online and hand out to people. This song is one we're definitely gonna include in those 6. I'll make a topic when we release those 6 songs, for sure! :)

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