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My band Knucklehead

Hey guys and girls!

I haven't really been posting on here for quite a few years, though I have been lurking every now and again to keep up with the goings on with this forum's community. With all the news about blink this week, I've been back, posting a few things here and there.

While doing so, I realized that I don't remember ever sharing my bands music with you guys! We're a punk band from New York City, and gather a lot of inspiration from Billie Joe Armstrong's various musical projects (Green Day, The Foxboro Hot Tubs, The Network, Pinhead Gunpowder, etc), as well as older punk bands like Black Flag, The Misfits, Dead Kennedys, The Ramones, etc. All the lyrics and chord progressions are written by our guitarist/singer Roger Walsh, this band being his brainchild. I play bass, and our friend Chris Krasnow (also the guitarist for NYC bands Sister Helen and Citris) plays drums.

We're on Facebook at, our first EP from 2013 and our full length album from around June/July of 2014 can be found on bandcamp at Also, our Instagram and Twitter handle are both @knuckleheadpunx.

Here are some Youtube vids.

Please do me a favor and check out our music on bandcamp; I'd love to hear some feedback from some of you guys! Thanks!

EDIT: Sorry, I'm not sure how the YouTube video embedding works, so I just replaced those with links.

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Re: My band Knucklehead

A55VA6 wrote:Cool stuff bro.

I definitely hear the Green Day influence. Keep rocking man!

Thanks dude! We just recorded a new 6-song EP last week, and we're in the mixing/mastering process. I'll keep everyone on here updates when it's officially released on Bandcamp.

Made by the Magnificent Kay =D

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