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Re: "Tunnels" Cover

Some of the guitar strumming seems a little odd. I'm listening on laptop speakers though, so I dunno if it makes sense with headphones (panning and so forth).

Bridge musically is very cool and different from the original. Well mixed / produced. The chorus is REALLY well done! quite like the vocal arrangement as well, I know you're not big on your own vocals but they work quite well on the chorus, so nice one :)

The middle 8 guitar is a little too samey though, and I'm actually missing the 'Dream of it' or 'dream a bit' (whatever it is) parts.

You know, I really want to cover The Disease. it's not my kind of song but I'd love to experiment with the vocals. were you thinking of doing it? I'd love to collab again, Dog's Eating Dogs was fun.

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Re: "Tunnels" Cover

The guitar in the verses has a weird pan at parts which is purposeful but I'm not sure how it comes across on other kinds of speakers. There's also an appregio effect I did with midi that mirrors the guitar pattern for the verses pretty much exactly which might sound weird depending on the speakers too. Not really sure.

Not sure what you mean about the "middle 8" guitar either, but I've been pretty lazy with my guitar recordings lately, especially on covers. I've been focusing more on just laying a simple foundation and layering on top of it with other elements.

Also what do you consider the bridge and the chorus in this song? Everyone seems to be speaking of the terms differently and it's starting to confuse me.

Thanks for the comment about my vocals. And yes I did plan on eventually doing The Disease and probably Anomaly. I can keep you updated on how those come along.

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