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British Gaming Youtubers / The HK Cowboys

Mmk I was avoiding posting this as I'm personally a lil embarrassed.

Me and my friends have starting a gaming channel on youtube called The HK Cowboys (our clan is called the Hello Kitty Cowboys, due to an old halo joke, but we figured having Hello Kitty in the title wouldn't help us so we went down to HK ).

So far, I'm the only one producing content but the guys are getting their gear sorted soon and there will be 3 or 4 of us posting videos from this channel. We don't think we're very good at games, but we play together and apart a lot so the channels focus is to not give a good goddamn and have fun, really. we swear a lot and do a wide demographic of videos, we have some in a let's play style, some as tips and tricks, some as info/news related, some as just funny stuff, and very soon one of us will be doing old school dos gaming videos. so we're covering a wide range.

We're very new and don't have a lot up currently and we're still learning what we're doing, but it's good to promote so here we are -

On top of all this, I've started a Facebook group for british gaming youtubers. I couldn't find much of a community online for this stuff, for people to share ideas, network and help each other out. so I've started one, if anyone on here is a british gaming youtuber then please join, or if you know someone who is please pass it along. we're hoping to help small channels so the smaller the better.

thanks for reading.

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