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yodda wrote:Mediocre was a harsh generalisation, on my part
I've only ever properly listened to one song by them (Impact - which is pretty sweet).
They just always seemed like another pop punk band to me and I've never really bothered.

They have some amazing songs. check out I Was A Teenager Anarchist, Black Me Out, The Ocean, Two Coffins, Bamboo Bones, Thrash Unreal... there's fucking loads of amazing songs by them.

Christian wrote:Maybe I get over-hyped when a band I like releases new music, but I liked it.

Nah I get hyped too I just didn't really get anything from that song on first listen. I'll give the record a spin for sure when it comes out. in fairness TransDysBlues took me some time to get into.

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Re: The Other Bands Random Topic

Muttweed182 wrote:Frank Ocean has pretty interesting R&B music (sorry if I'm mislabeling it) if you're into that sort of thing yoda. Like a more underground Usher or something. Again sorry if I'm off the mark.

I'm intrigued by the track with string arrangements by Jonny Greenwood.
I think I just remember listening to some Frank Ocean years ago and it was not my thing.

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