Against Me! - Shape Shift With Me

It's currently streaming - ... ft-with-me

Honestly, I'm surprised by how much I'm enjoying it. I like Against Me! but for the most part I like a handful of songs per album. those handful I friggin' *adore* but this album might be the one to break that habit, as so far I seem to like them all.

early days though, I've only listened a few times through.

There seems to be an edge to this record that was lost on the last one. TransDysBlues is fabulous, in fairness. it's a wonderful effort on her part and incredibly brave, and it was a very cohesive piece but this record is a bit more interesting sonically, more aggressive yet also more fun. I was thinking of seeing them live in december and now I think I need to make damn sure I do.

Anyone else heard it? thoughts?

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