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Marmalade Skies wrote:Pixies was probably the best band to come from the 80's.

I'll avoid new Pixies because it's basically just a Frank Black solo album.

Well that's a little insulting to Joey's signature guitar playing and Lovering's excellent drumming.
I love Kim just as much as the next guy but her presence is felt very little on Trompe Le Monde and that album is fucking excellent - U-Mass = Classic Pixies (I believe they opened their first reunion show with it).
Also have you heard Frank Black's Teenager of the Year? Over half of the songs on it are as good as any Pixies album.

The whole Kim going thing is a little funny to me because it's super similar to the whole Tom leaving blink debate.

Re: Pixies

KayTheMagnificent wrote:Pixies are a band I've always meant to get into and have always failed to do so. I will try again though.

well most people know Where Is My Mind - you'd like that song since you're into that Placebo band that covers it - that's where most love affairs with The Pixies start (thanks Fight Club).

Debaser is a great track with a blink style riff, Gigantic is impossibly catchy, Gouge Away is an insanely solid rock song and I'd also recommend Alec Eiffel (personal favourite).

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