Music of 2015

Again, I figured I would keep up this yearly tradition...

Anyway, what albums are you looking forward to, or are hoping to be released this year? This year I'm just going to do it all in one shot, no intro post.

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Also again, it would be nice if someone else made this topic next year...

Here, are the albums/new releases I'm looking forward to this years. Some of them have been carried over from my 2014 list. As per usual though;

Some of these might not make the 2015 release date, but here is my list anyway

What does each color mean?
Color: This means that I like the album, so I kept it
Color: Unsure how I feel about it. It might end up in this Color or this Color.
Color: Something is wrong with the album, so I didn't bother getting the album or I deleted it.
Color: Means that the band didn't release an album, and hopefully they will in a later date (Which will be carried over to my 2015 list)
Color: The album may or may not be delayed/cancelled... Or I lost interest in new material

1) Angels & Airwaves
2) blink-182 demos/AvA rejects (Tom DeLonge) - April 20th (An alright release)
3) Bloodhound Gang - TBA (I don't know about this one... >_>)
4) Diesel Boy - TBA
5) Fenix Tx - TBA
(Due to recent circumstances (with Will Salazar and his health) I won't be giving this band's the utmost importance anymore. It will come out when it's done (if ever))
6) Goldfinger - TBA ((See BG))
7) Good Riddance - April 21st (Hope they manage to release their new album this year)
8) Nerf Herder - May 12th (I'm so glad that they're finally working on new material)
9) Strung Out - March (I feel weird about this one, but I think it's a keeper)
10) Sum 41 - TBA(I don't know if they'll even release a new album with Steve gone, but I'll put them on my list. Plus Deryck has been writing.)
11) The Offspring -TBA (I don't know if they are going to release a new album this year or not, but that new single they released was pretty great. Plus they have been talking about putting out a new album... It just depends on how long it takes to record)
12) Teenage Bottlerocket - March 31st (Definitely a keeper)
13) Ten Foot Pole - TBA (If all goes well)
14) Tenacious D (Probably won't release this year, but it's something to look forward to =D)
15) Treble Charger (I don't expect them to release anything this year, but I also can't believe they're finally recording together =D)
16) Unwritten Law - TBA
17) Veruca Salt - TBA (Just got into this band, but I'm pretty stoked for their new album)
18) Zebrahead - March 11th (Currently just the Greatest Hits, but we'll see if they release anything else.

2015 Total (So far)
00/-- (This mark might stay or go at the end of the year)
Thanks Kay.

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