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Indefinite Hiatus

Hello all, due to the lack of activity on this forum over the last couple of years and the waning ability to dedicate time to the forum from the last remaining staff, we have had to put the forum on an indefinite hiatus. Yeah, you all know what that means by now. The 'official' closure can only be d...

Re: Deluxe Edition discussion

it is all the same chord progression, the same riff, cringy teenage lyrics that repeat themselves and compressed to shit. if you can't hear it then I'm frankly jealous, I imagine you can enjoy any music if you're that dense about it.

Re: Angels and Airwaves / Tom Delonge General Discussion Thread

shpangler wrote:Anyone see the new video from Ernie Balls - Paradigm: Stronger Than Tom Delonge. Looks like he is playing with Marshall and Mesa setup again. Intriguing....

He's not doing any music. I also don't think it's even his equipment, probably just some set up Ernie Balls had.

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