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Re: California Official Discussion

I dont know what you think you hear but to me Overload sounds very much like an AVA song. Its a good AVA song. But in my mind it has no place in blink. And thats me saying the song as whole. In my mind the guitar riff and drums on their own don't do it for me. It be a much more forgettable song oth...

Re: New Brand New

yodda wrote:
plopbellie wrote:

Yo I can't open that link at work
What does it say?

Jesse said, "We're done" at their opening show of the tour.

Re: Sum 41

fun Actually it's kind of meh. I didn't even realize that Brownsound had returned to the band, but the lack of a guitar solo bums me out. They are definitely embracing their love of metal, but Deryck's voice is shot, too. Same,...

Re: California Official Discussion

Calling the lyrics on California "a little pedestrian" is the understatement of the year. The lyrics for a bunch of TOYPAJ and EOTS songs suck too. You'd just think a writer would improve over 15 years but I guess not when you take the worst writing advice of all time from the guy from Gol...

Re: California Official Discussion

California is pretty bad too lol. The chorus to California is so cringe-worthy. Spending time together? Fuck you, Mark, you softy. What a pussified track. I'll have to agree with you. Ironically, the California related title songs (San Diego, Los Angeles, and California) are the worst tracks on the...

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