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Re: The Game Thread

I honestly don't get why everyone is freaking out about this online thing, there is never a moment when my 360 isn't connected to the internet. Really the only people who should care are the few who don't have internet. Just because you have reliable Internet doesn't mean that most people do. Rural...

Re: Japandroids

They only have 2 official albums of 8 songs on each, so it's not that difficult to pick a start point. Favourite songs include Young Hearts Spark Fire, The House That Heaven Built, Sovereignty and The Night Of Wine and Roses.


Who here is a fan of these guys? I just bought tickets to their gig in July so I'm pretty pumped to be seeing them live again!

Re: Football! (soccer)

mike wrote:Wow Sir Alex retiring at the end of this season. Can't really image United without him.
Any thoughts who is to take over? Could David Moyes handle the club?

What odds do you reckon I'll get on Benitez...? ;p

200/1 apparently. I think those odds are slightly short.

Re: Football! (soccer)

Best league in football? Bundesliga? definitely not. It was a question unrelated to the statement above. I still think the Premier League is the strongest league. The league itself definitely stronger than Bundesliga in total, but Bayern and Dortmund are stronger than the English top teams, regardl...

Re: The Other Bands Random Topic

The new Muse album has its moments but the section from Animals to Liquid State is really boring considering how intense the beginning and end is. Also Explorers blatantly copies the chorus from Invincible. I'd still see them live again haha. I've only heard Is This It and a few tracks here and the...

Re: Community

Literally my favourite programme ever now (actually second to Veronica Mars). I've watched each series so many times that I know it like the back of my Chang.

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