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Re: The Other Bands Random Topic

I really enjoy the new Arctic Monkeys album but that being said it's my least favourite they've put out. I have listened to their first 4 an insane amount of times, so hopefully it sinks in more over time. I'm so disappointed with what Arctic Monkeys have turned into in terms of musical style. WPSI...

Re: The Game Thread

doitforthekids wrote:Just bought Bioshock 1, 2 and Infinite, Journey and The Walking Dead (Telltale). Gonna be goooood. Although I might play Spec Ops first seeing as I ended up getting that for free on PS+, and heaps of people have said it has a great story.

My friend said that Australians love using that word....

Re: Football! (soccer)

Marco wrote:
justin wrote:I will be sorely disappointed if Bale transfers to Madrid.

Getting 60M, Di Maria and Coentrao would be a great deal for the Spurs.

Is that actually a rumour? If so it's fucking ridiculous.

Re: Football! (soccer)

justin wrote:
Jeremy wrote:Fuck Luis Suarez.

What'd he do now?

Just forcing his way out of Liverpool. I hate how the majority of footballers have no respect for them fans or they team that they play for.

Re: Football! (soccer)

Yeah I'm trying to stream the game today at work, hopefully it goes smoothly. And yeah why not. Stoked for the new season, this is the most I've gotten into soccer in my life. Awesome! Any particular club you are following? I studied in Barcelona this past semester and fell in love with the city. S...

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