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Re: 10 Song Shuffle

The Loneliness - Frightened Rabbit Errand Boy - No Age Death to Los Campesinos! - Los Campesinos! Every Defeat A Divorce - Los Campesinos! Breathe In Breathe Out - Yeezy Failure By Design - Brand New Good Kid - K dot In The Mouth Of A Desert - Pavement The Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager - Get Cap...

Re: Football! (soccer)

Also, why do you they announce the Balon d'or midseason? Why not wait until the end of the season so that the best judgement can be made?

If Suarez keeps going the way he's going he'll be in the team next season.

Re: The Other Bands Random Topic

Bought tickets to see Arctic Monkeys next year! Ultra pumped. I passed I saw them live last time they were here, they played their songs well but that's about it. If it wasn't so expensive I'd go again but they rarely mix it up live and AM was a good album but not great. I assume this is your first...

Re: The Game Thread

Elevator wrote:
Jeremy wrote:
henry wrote:/r/games has always been better. /r/gaming is just a bunch of easily digestible image macro crap.

I prefer /r/gonewild.

[f18]irst time, be gentle ;) *blurry high res pic of butthole*

Apart from the bumholes.

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