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Re: I Hope They Play "Not Now" Live

KayTheMagnificent wrote:...he did not now live with AVA?

your fucking kidding me... didnt he ruin enough blink songs?

His recent covers of blink in AVA arent that bad actually. Theyre not fucking awesome or anything though, but they are played with the actual chords of the song, not with weird phasers and delay shit.

Re: Will he change?

We all think its gonna be akward and all that crap, but as soon as we see them play live, it'll feel natural. Im sure.

They seemed normal and stuff during that Extra interview with them.

Re: dressing.

He'll probably wear that brownish-gray t-shirt with that elbow sleeve pad thingy... like he wears in AVA every now and then.

if you guys even know what the hell im talking about. :lol:

Re: favorite thing ever said by blink

What can I say?? You know I can bring members here. I beat the all time record on and made the admin look like fool telling us we couldn't get 10! BURN I got 48 and now Im in 2nd place with the most points. He set his points to 100k when the site started. that's the real mystery! Markus. S...

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