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Re: So lets discuss it!

whenever I listen to Travis' outros on Kaleidoscope and Snake Charmer it rings a bell on me, reminds me of Ringo Starr's druming at the end of Strawberry Fields Forever...:

I don't know why, really, must be the back of my mind... but it does.

Re: blink-182 memes http://www.fac...

Re: Love Is Dangerous

I love the 'fuck' in Here's Your Letter and pretty much all blink songs. A big reason I'm such a fan of Green Day and blink is their usage of the word 'fuck'. the first version I had of the untitled record was the clean one. it went "ff.... i cant let this kill me let go..." so yeah, the ...

Re: MH 4.18.2011 / 'Hold On'

everytime i listen to this album, this song specially and most strongly in my mind i see these guys instead of these old fuckers ;p :) :)

Re: Wishing Well Video

just get blink playing the song to a crowd of angsty people (if you don't want them to be teens, make it very frustrated grown-ups ;p ) and that pretty much beats most videos done nowadays. i loved this video, i think it was a nice shot at trying to shut up us assholes insulting the blinkumentary. i...

Re: So lets discuss it!

two months have passed. even though i have complained about some minor things like track order i still love it... NO ASSHOLE YOU'RE WRONG WHY THE FUCK AM I CONTRADICTING MYSELF SO MUCH :!: :?: just listened to: anxiety instumental from the making-of video, LOVE part two (without paying attention to...

Re: The Other Bands Random Topic

some pre-radiohead songs (when they were called On A Friday, apparently) leaked some time ago. today two songs were posted in the NME site. the one called Everybody Knows has a riff disturbingly similar to that of Adam's Song.

Re: Angels and Airwaves General Discussion Thread

doesnt matter, let him do whatever is important to him. id be glad if i sold 16000 copies of my album plus i doubt tom cares about how well the album is selling. selling albums shouldnt be the most important thing. with this, i agree. we loved Neighborhoods for this. we can at least give tom kudos ...

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