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Re: Football! (soccer)

mike wrote:
justin wrote:I think I know the story you're talking about. Does it involve Basti, Sarah and an abortion?

Yes. I've only heard about it earlier this month, don't think it's true, still weird.

Yeah it's weird. I hope it isn't true though.

Re: The Game Thread

Been playing a bit of Far Cry 3. Sweet game I like just going around killing random patrols of guys or watching them get mauled by bears and tigers Also picked up a random indie game Expeditions: Conquistador. Pretty difficult strategy stuff so I suck at it but it's a lot of fun, best random pick u...

Re: Football! (soccer)

Jeremy wrote:
justin wrote:
Jeremy wrote:Fuck Luis Suarez.

What'd he do now?

Just forcing his way out of Liverpool. I hate how the majority of footballers have no respect for them fans or they team that they play for.

I'm honestly surprised that Arsenal would put up the £40,000,001 bid for him.

Re: Football! (soccer)

Dookie wrote:Yeah I'm trying to stream the game today at work, hopefully it goes smoothly.

And yeah why not. Stoked for the new season, this is the most I've gotten into soccer in my life.

Awesome! Any particular club you are following?

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