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Re: The Game Thread

I recently bought a PS4 Pro. I originally bought a PS4 when it came out and ended up selling it because I hardly knew anyone with one, everyone was Xbone. I'm excited to try out BF1 and some PS4 exclusives that I've missed.

Re: The Other Bands Random Topic

His new album is nothing short of amazing. He is the one person I've listened to consistently over the last 15-16 years. He has so many projects that his music style always changes. Especially as he got older playing with Bright Eyes, each album is different. Monsters of Folk, one of his side projec...

Re: The Game Thread

I've been playing a lot of WoW since Legion came out. I sold 4 of my more expensive Counter-Strike skins and came away with a little over $1k. My tastes in games has really changed over the last 2 months. Games that I would look forward to releasing, like first person shooters and Fifa, I'm not inte...

Re: Football! (soccer)

I love how absolutely every Real Madrid supporter is going mental on reddit. It's both sad and pathetic if you ask me, same thing goes for the supporters who lost their minds with neymar. I mean sure both bale and neymar are great players but paying that amount of money for a football player is tot...

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