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Re: California Official Discussion

The thing journalists used to write for before they discovered 140 characters on Twitter.

Maybe it's because I've grown up around papers and love to read but I still have a subscription to a daily and a weekly newspaper. Reading long articles on screen gives me eye cancer.

Re: California Official Discussion

Elevator wrote:
And she said... wrote:The record finally arrived for me today. I saw it has Jack Hoppus as additional vocals. Any idea which part of which song(s)?

I think all the blink kids did gang vocals on Sober and maybe another tune, I don't know.

I think the scream in Kings of the Weekend is him, too.

Re: California Official Discussion

After 2 weeks of repeat listening, my quick two cents song-by-song: Cynical - Wow, what an opener. Right in line with classics like Carousel, Pathetic, Feeling This, etc. Love Matt’s “What’s the point of saying sorry now”. 4.5/5 Bored to Death - The single. Maybe already a little overplayed by me bu...

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