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Re: The Game Thread

c_ortiz93 wrote:Oh you're talking about metal gear rising? I gotta be honest, it looks like a total disappointment.

Your parents thought that about you too but just look at how you turned out, President of 'Merica! :-*

Re: Worst Movie(s) You've Watched

You didn't read what I said; 1) I didn't say musician, I said singer. There's a difference. Singing competitions are based on singing ability not song writing capability or playing and instrument. So, I stand by what I said. They are looking for entertainers, not musicians. 2) They suck because of S...

Re: Worst Movie(s) You've Watched

Saying that a movie isn't about its acting chops is like saying that American Idol (or some other stupid singing contest show) isn't really about the singing... yeah, sure the drama is entertaining if you're into that but shouldn't the show really exist to progress people who can actually sing? What...

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