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Re: The Other Bands Random Topic

doitforthekids wrote:
Blink182fan21 wrote:Has anyone heard the new Justin Timberlake album?

Haven't gotten around to it yet, is it good?

And I can't fucking wait for the new Strokes album, only 9 days!

new JT album is great, really growing on me, a few tracks that are just amazing

Re: 'Dogs Eating Dogs' EP Topic

Listening to Box Car Racer today and realized (sorry if mentioned before) "The End With You" includes the lyrics "when I was young" :headlikeafuckingorange: I've been up all night long, counting days that all went wrong I opened my bedroom window, I wish this pain was gone Th...

Re: The Walking Dead

Last weeks episode and tonight's episode have restored my faith in this show and i can only seeing it getting more intense in the last three. The first half of this season blew and had pacing issues, now things are moving though. yeah agree, the earlier episodes were a chore to watch. Really liked ...

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