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Re: Favorite Music of 2013

2013 sucked in terms of music for me... A lot of delayed albums, and bands who I think will never release a new album at this point. I did get to enjoy seven releases though (basically what was released on my list): I already posted my 7/10 album list on the AVAMovement, so this is just a copy and p...

Re: Angels and Airwaves General Discussion Thread

I also believe this song is in the very early stages. If you listen to the end the same chorus is repeating a third time. There's no way Tom would repeat the same chorus four times in a song right? You know Tom, he's always full of surprises ;) Seriously though I don't know. A few more listens, and...

Re: The Game Thread

Here's my argument: The problem with that though is that it limits replayability. Imagine we had something like this for the early Nintendo, Sega, or Atari (and no name systems). People like AVGN, or any other retro game wouldn't be able to play those games because the servers would be down. No long...

Re: The Game Thread

Entering contests hoping I can snag a PS4 =)

doitforthekids wrote:You lucky Americans with your PS4's.

I won't be getting one for awhile (unless I get lucky, and win one of the contests I'm in).

Re: The Game Thread

I'm also going to wait.

1) The game I wanted for next gen has been delayed (Watch Dogs).
2) I'm now going to be cautious, and try to avoid the early hardware/software issues.
3) I can't get one anytime soon (even if I wanted to).

Re: General Entertainment Topic

It's hard for me to get into Doctor Who. I enjoyed the David Tennant era, but I felt bad because it was somewhere in the middle. I tried watching from the beginning of the show, but I couldn't. So I ended up dropping Doctor Who as a whole.

I might check this out for Dave though.

Witches of East End

I made a post about this show in Movies/TV You've Seen Recently thread, but I thought it would be cool to get others thoughts on the show. If you haven't seen/heard of the show then here is the best trailer I could find in the spoiler tag. Like I said in th...

Re: Movies/TV You've Seen Recently

Witches of East End New series I just found about so I'm not sure how I feel about it. The atmosphere of the show gives off a Charmed vibed so I think I might like it. I hope it makes it to at least five seasons (would like more) because some of the story elements need to be fleshed out, and I real...

Re: The Other Bands Random Topic

Kerrang's Facebook page said that this is one of the best pop punk tunes they've heard in ages. Meh, I just skimmed it (didn't listen to intro, or anything really, but I can guess the overall sound from the snippets I heard. Is it just me, or is pop punk b...

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