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Re: New Brand New

even tho' i am a huge huge fan of Daisy, i heartly agree with everything Kay said. i wasn't expecting anything like this and i love it anyways.
as long as they do what they want, it will be fine... and i can't fucking wait for more.

Re: The Other Bands Random Topic

saw evan weiss (into it. over it.) last week in amsterdam. it was just incredible, not ashamed to say i've shed a tear during 'upstate blues'. so intense. their drummer is a fucking animal, i was with a friend who's not really into anything "rock" and he kept telling me he was loving his d...

Re: Kanye TLOP Reactions

Album "officially" out on most famous streaming sites.

just me or TLOP feels even more rushed after the last little changes?
like the volume drop before Kanye second verse in Famous; or Wolves still not sounding just not right with that random drum beats

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