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Re: So lets discuss it!

Ladies and Gentlemen , The winner of blink-182 fans right here. Because according to your play count you have been listening to the blink album for 463 hours straight, at least, which means you've had the album since September 11th, 2011. That's factoring out sleep, washroom, eating, school, having...

Re: Wishing Well

I definitely see where you're coming from man. I like the riff, but more could have definitely been done with it. It could have sounded wayyy bigger and heavier. not a big fan of the clean tone on the riff, just kinda sounds sloppy to me . and i thought i was the only one. i kinda imagine how the i...

Re: Kaleidoscope

I love when Tom sings "To get it right" and when that repeats at the end, suuuuch a Travis influenced part...on the other hand, i don't like the verses, I wish Mark sang high more, and not so low all the time

Re: Snake Charmer

Yeah, this is a sick song...this is one of those experimental songs that Mark and Tom were talking about...I wish there was a full album of this, Fighting the Gravity and the HAG interlude...soooo nice

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