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Re: Blink in this months AP

Just got the AP today....poorest excuse for an edition thus far...the magazine keeps getting smaller and less interesting this. I bought the issue with blink on the cover, and that was like the only band I've heard of in it. My blink edition got all fucked up in the mail....someone at the postal se...

Re: Mark & Tony Hawk

Drblue wrote:
Waggy wrote:Remember that one time when i didnt give a fuck what Mark was gonna ask Tom to do because it didnt happen anyway? Oh yeah, right now.


I find it funny as well... :lol:

Re: Mark & Tony Hawk

Mark did indeed say that he was planning on calling up Tom and asking him to play on his solo album, BEFORE Travis's crash. Right? I didn't just hear that myself. LOL that's the weakest attempt of trying to get Tom back for BCR imaginable. Uh what? "Hey Tom, we should be friends again, you're ...

Re: New Song is called 'Up All Night'

i hope its good It´s blink-182 they are always good! I think the new song will be really awesome! this. Whatever they release, even if it's totally different then the past, I'll find something to like about it. That, my friend, is EXACTLY what I feel. I'm going to like it no matter what, I can hone...

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